What causes labor to start?

From the post: Research shows that fetal lungs themselves provide the signal to initiate labour. When the fetal lungs are sufficiently mature to withstand the transition from life in fluid to airbreathing a protein is released that triggers labour. Disrupting this normal process before a baby is ready can cause a cascade of negative complications.

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I’m envisioning 20 students at my next ICTC Full Circle Doula Training in July!Friends , please refer to me those looking for a comprehensive , culturally competent , fun and fulfilling training : birth postpartum breastfeeding, traditional rituals and the history and legacy of the African American Granny midwives ! Join me for an amazing 3.5 days ! Samsarah Morgan, certified trainer

It’s real

Take a deep breath, the air is full of fear . 

Breathe it in, and blow it out, far far away from you – so that your vision remains clear , and your heart ceases to pound.

Its real. 

You have every reason to feel fearful – and the only way out – is through.

One day at a time , one step at a time , with all the love you can muster .

Remember – perfect love casts out fear.

Some call this God, some feel their ancestors , some pray into the earth and others feel it deep within their own human beingness. Not matter the form – it’s in this space we must dwell and connect with each other . 

It’s where we always should have been…

Together , in love, walking

Through and past fear into balance , compassion , empathy, healing , and answers.
May we be teflon to fear..watch it slip off us..
May we live and love in ways greater than we ever dreamed . 
Even now, especially now.
I love you .

Shoulder Dystocia: the real story


kytriallaw.comEdited and updated: May 2015

The media have been reporting on shoulder dystocia. Apparently doctors are having to attend special classes to learn how to break babies’ bones because mothers are fat, and make their babies too big. At least that’s the story – women are creating a problem and doctors have to solve it. The reality is that almost half of shoulder dystocias occur with babies who are not ‘big’. This post will discuss how to avoid a shoulder dystocia (if possible), and deal with the situation if it occurs. There is plenty of great information available on the internet about shoulder dystocia. So, I will indulge in some lazy blogging and link where I can.

CETL Learning have a slide presentation available online. This resources gives a comprehensive overview of the incidence, risk factors and the standard approach to shoulder dystocia. In addition references are provided for those who…

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Childbirth Education For The Community

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation

Cost ( 5.00- 50.00 / per couple sliding scale for the series ) on a donation basis! Free to those who need this.
Join us for 7 sessions of childbirth education and breastfeeding training
This class is a fundraising event for Oakland Better Birth Foundation! Visit and like our Facebook page!
Join instructor Samsarah Morgan, doula, educator, and coach as she shares with you the joys and challenges of childirth and early parenting!
This class will meet the needs of families birthing at home , hospital or birthing center!! http://www.niahealingcenter.org
Birth Plans and Interventions
Labor and Delivery
Labor coping techniques
C-Section and recovery
Breastfeeding Basics and Troubleshooting, and more!
To register for this class please call ot text  instructor Samsarah Morgan at 510 393 7380!
Peace and Baby Blessings!

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An important bit of repoductive justice history!

Midwives of Color

No Más Bebés tells the story of a little-known but landmark event in reproductive justice, when a small group of Mexican immigrant women sued county doctors, the state, and the U.S. government after they were sterilized while giving birth at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center during the late 1960s and early 1970s.


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Mommas of Color, please share your birth story!

Looking for birth stories!

Samsarah Morgan , Birth Worker

Hello Mommas, My second book is a guide to birth for African American Mommas. I would very much like to include The Birth Stories of Mommas of Color – I’d like the stories to refelct the full spectrum of birth – so medicated, not medicated, C Section – Home Birth Hospital Birth – Birth Center Birth-
Miscarriage and stories of infant death are also respectfully requested.
Please share them with me to support and educate other mommas – please inbox me or email lsamsarahmorgan@gmail.com . I will gratefully give you a copy of the physical book as a gift as a thank you, and if you wish I would be honored to feature a picture of your child or you and your child along with your story! I look forward to hearing from you! Blessings, Samsarah Morgan, Doula, BirthWorker & Hypnotherapist in Oakland
your story

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

The Oakland Better Birth Foundation

Happy Holidays from Oakland Better Birth Foundation!

Next year is going be so very exciting!  We will be welcoming back our Community Doula Program!  Here’s a bit of a blurb!  Sign on to out blog alerts and be kept up to date on this on other projects!

Blessings!  Samsarah Morgan, Founder and CEO

Shiphrah’s circle provides full spectrum, full circle doula support to the Mothers of Oakland CA and The East Bay, we also are honored to support families who have experienced Pregnancy or Infant loss.
We offer, pregnancy testing and referrals, birth doula support , abortion doula support, bereavement doula support. Ceremony planning and Officiation. Childbirth, Breastfeeding and Parent Education  For information please call 510 -595-5534 http://www.oaklandbetterbirthdoundation.com

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